COVID-19 Matching Campaign UPDATE

(Please note that these photos were taken recently, but prior to the COVID-19 outbreak and that EVERY precaution is now being taken to keep volunteers and program members safe!)

To all Dream of a Better World donors:

Thank you so much for your support! As you all know, it is greatly needed at this time.

Fresh Food Deliveries
For those who are unfamiliar with CHA, California Homemakers Association (CHA) is an all-volunteer organization of low-income domestic and service workers. Members engage in mutual aid and self-help through a free-of-charge 11-Point Benefit Program that includes emergency food, clothing, preventive medical care, legal advice, non-emergency dental care, information & referral, financial advocacy and more. The benefit program is a way to provide some economic stability in the lives of CHA’s low-income members such that they can invest time in pursuing solutions to the root causes of their poverty conditions.

Families Helping Families - Delivering Food
Organizing Food Distribution
Due to the increased needs caused by the COVID-19 outbreak, CHA volunteers tripled our weekly emergency and supplemental food deliveries to members, reaching over between 250 and 400 people each week. Volunteers have delivered food to members without transportation, members unable to afford gasoline for their cars, members quarantined because they are at risk or are suffering with COVID-19 themselves, and elderly and disabled members whose caregivers are quarantined and requested assistance with meeting their nutrition needs.

Lots of Happy Families!
This March, we were able to successfully advocate to ensure the Water Department turn water back on for all those who were shut off before the shelter-in-place order, through a call-in campaign we began a few weeks ago. After that, we were also successfully able to get the County to provide Personal Protective Equipment for in-home caregivers, through a second phone-in campaign we organized.

Food Distribution Warehouse
Volunteers have also organized donations of urgently needed medications for domestic workers who are unemployed due to the shelter-in-place order, and now unable to afford their medications. Finally, CHA volunteers have delivered masks, gloves, and other protective equipment and sanitary supplies to caregivers who provide in-home supportive services to elderly and disabled recipients who are most at risk. These supplies were on hand from the aftermath of the 2017 and 2018 wildfires in preparation for the next fires.

Members Receiving Medical Education
The association’s membership base served by our benefit program consists of domestic workers, in-home caregivers, childcare providers, landscapers, as well as temporary, part-time and seasonal workers in many fields – 100% of whom fall within the definition of low income.
Members at Survival English Classes

We sincerely appreciate the support that the Dream for a Better World Foundation has provided CHA so far, and it has been instrumental in allowing us to expand our program to meet the urgent needs of our membership. Thank you again so very much for your support!

Erica Diamond
Operations Manager (volunteer position)
California Homemakers Association