Friday, September 1, 2017

Hurricane Harvey Relief - Here's What We Can Do to HELP!

Hurricane Harvey’s devastation is hard to put into words. As many people know now, severe flooding and 130+ mph winds have displaced over 30,000 people.

Thousands more are awaiting rescue and these numbers are rising. As those unaffected by Harvey, it’s important to realize that each and every one of these innocent people are counting on us for help.

Many are living without food, dry clothes and other essential supplies that are frequently taken for granted.

Here’s how YOU can support the victims of
Hurricane Harvey!
A quick and effective way to help is to donate.  If you'd like to donate through us, the "Hurricane Harvey Relief" DONATE button is on the right.

We will turn your generous donation into these desperately needed items.  Many different supplies are  needed in Texas relief shelters. By donating to Dream of a Better World’s Hurricane Harvey relief campaign, your funds will be used to buy necessary supplies for victims in need and for the tools used to clean up and restore damaged communities in Texas.

Below is a list of supplies needed.

Portable Blowers and Air conditioners
Extension Cords
Ground Fault Protectors
Pop up Canopies
Crow Bars
Utility Knives
Work Gloves
Dust Masks
Pressure Washers
Tools for Boarding Windows
Portable Lights
Portable Generators
Nail Guns
Saw Horses
Spray Paint
Safety Glasses
Deck Brooms
5-Gallon Resealing Bucket
Liquid Laundry Detergent
Liquid Household cleaner
Dish soap
Scrub Brush
Cleaning Wipes
Scouring Pads
Paper Towels
Disposable Rags
Air Freshener
Heavy-Duty Trash Bags
Insect Repellant
First Aide Kits
Rain Ponchos

There are many great organizations making a difference in the lives of Hurricane Harvey victims.  PLEASE pick one and JOIN in.   If you do decide to trust us with your donation, please let us know who inspired you to do in the comments section of your donation.  We would like to thank them personally in a future blog.

As always, we promise you that 100% of your donation through Dream of a Better World will go to needed items, needy families or organizations on the ground needing our help.  All of our overhead is DONATED or raised separately.

Thank your for helping!  The Dream Team