Sunday, May 25, 2014

New Farm Land & School Plans!

Additional 4 Acres Purchased!
The NEW 4 acres of land adjacent to Our Own Home (OOH) orphanage has been acquired and clearing has begun!  That brings the total OOH Campus to 8 acres!

Back in 2010, we purchased the initial 4 acres that OOH is now farming and living on.  Over the years, we funded the dormitory and main house, part of the medical clinic and, "Warm Your Heart," kitchen which is under construction right now.
Jackson Button packing maize.
Dorm #1 & Medical Clinic
What started off as 4 acres of farmland has become 5 1/2 acres of farmland and 2 1/2 acres of a beautiful campus for 60 plus HIV+ orphans who are healthy, going to school and have big plans for their future!  They currently farm about 1/3 of their staple maize based food, called posho, certain vegetables and raise chickens, cows and pigs.
Hannah Button & OOH Kids

With this additional 4 acres of land, they will be able to expand their "farm to table" vegetable garden, grow nearly all of their maize requirement, add more potatoes and other daily staples.  This new land, in addition to the 1 1/2 acres currently being farmed, should provide the majority of the 50,000 plus meals served during the year!

Finally, a portion of this sustainable farm will eventually also become the campus for the Dream of a Better World Academy.  This will be a new neighborhood school with a student to teacher ratio down from approximately 150 kids per teacher to a manageable 30 kids per teacher and will be 100% funded by an existing child sponsorship programs… so, it's also sustainable with current funding!

What started off as just a DREAM is now giving these KIDS food, medicines, school, love… and, DREAMS of their own!  Thank YOU!