Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I've Never Been SO Excited!

I Can't Wait to Meet These Kids!
I'm so excited.  It's finally time to take my trip to Africa.  I have been working with an orphanage called Our Own Home for a year now... fundraising, doing stands and taking in as many donations as possible.  I know it's going to be a long hard trip, but I know that it will be worth it when I meet Holly, William and the 55 children living there.  I know that God will have many things for me to do and learn while I'm there.

Stay tuned to the blog for UPDATES and pictures over the next three weeks.   Thank you for your support!

Bon Voyage, Jack Button


My head is a blender full of emotions!  It's making an excited, nervous, happy, sad smoothie!  As I sit down to write this, my brain flashed to the "Bass-O-Matic" skit from Saturday Night Live.... Dan Aykroyd dropping bass into the blender.  I love fish, but I'm not sure about this!  It's that weird blend of emotions that I deal with every time we head off on a "mission trip," leaving family and friends behind... especially Diane!  Please pray that all of the everyday "chores" will go smoothly for her!

I am anxious that Jack and I will be traveling over 27,000 miles, requiring nearly 100 hours of round-trip travel time, including flights, layovers and buses.   Our time there will be spent working in an HIV/AIDS orphanage (Our Own Home) in the middle of East Africa.  So, please pray for travel mercies and safety.  I am excited, in large part, because I have NEVER seen Jack so excited.  He will be seeing the incredible beauty and unimaginable poverty of God's REAL world.  And, he will see his own hands making the world a better place.  Diane and I are VERY proud that he, Carly and Hannah care enough about a needy world to do something about it.  Finally, we are very, very THANKFUL for YOU... our family, friends and supporters who also care deeply enough to pray, give and help.

We are just $1,000 short of the kid's goal for completing the first dormitory and mission house.  That's after having raised the money that purchased the land.  The many bake sales, yard sales, car washes, farmer's markets, donation letters and proposals have successfully shared the vision of Dream of a Better World... that you're never too young or too old to make a difference!

Finally... I have to say, that God and Diane have made this ALL possible!  God is the author or our lives and of our work with Our Own Home!  Diane... thank you SO much for the way you love us ALL and work so tirelessly to make the kids dreams a reality.  You are amazing and inspiring!  You are my hero!  I miss you already!

Thank you ALL for caring about us and for helping our kids dream of a better world!

Mark & Jack - Off to Africa!