Saturday, October 19, 2019

Education For All. Making a Difference for Village Girls in Morocco

Several of the moms whose kids have worked with Dream of a Better World in the past, went on a trip this month to celebrate our 60th birthdays. We spent 14 days touring Morocco and were in awe of the beauty of the land and the people in this diverse country.

Just like we have hopefully taught our kids, when we visit a new place, we always hope to leave the place a little better than we found it. Morocco was no different. With a group of women with giant hearts and a ton of energy and
ideas, we found many ways of doing small things with great love. We visited a cooking school in Marrakesh, the Amal Foundation, a place to give hope and skills to abused and neglected women of Morocco. It was quite powerful, and if anyone ever goes to Marrakesh, we highly recommend that you stop there for a cooking class and for a deep dive into the heart of this amazing foundation.

We also were fortunate to meet 36 beautiful young girls who live at a home founded by Education For All. They each introduced themselves to us with a big smile and a kiss. You can see the hope and the appreciation all around the home. They are the lucky ones. Very few girls from the rural communities of the High Atlas Mountains get the opportunity of continuing their education beyond primary school. Secondary schools, mostly many miles away in larger towns, are not accessible to them because either their parents cannot afford to pay for lodgings or transport near secondary schools or they do not have the confidence in existing facilities to entrust their daughters to be away from home.

After meeting all the girls, learning about their personal stories, and having lunch at the home, we all decided we wanted to help bring new technology into their home to help with their education. They are currently using 2 computers with floppy discs. We have already raised the funds for 3 computers, a printer and some supplies, but we have decided that the DOABW moms will take on the project of updating their computer room. We hope to buy 5 more laptops, another printer, chairs, ink, paper and supplies for these amazing young girls.

We all know how important education is for our kids in America. Imagine being stuck in a village with no hope for a better life. We are so excited that these girls have a chance to complete high school and go on to college. The first girl from this home is already getting her master’s degree. These girls are part of our future. We are so grateful to have met them and to be able to share their stories.

If you would like to help us raise the funds for more computers and supplies, please click the button on the right. Thank you so much for always believing in what we do!