Saturday, May 14, 2022

Boots on the Ground for Ukraine Humanitarian Aid

Our compassionate friend and celebrated San Francisco chef Laura Pauli is headed to Poland to cook with World Central Kitchen and to offer humanitarian relief to Ukrainian citizens who have fled war-torn Ukraine for safety. Most of these people are women, children, and the elderly who have left behind courageous fathers, brothers, and sons to fight the Russian invasion.


Join us to support the team!

Laura will be cooking and serving daily meals in Przemsyl, Poland, just 3 miles from the Ukraine border. Close to the World Central Kitchen facilities is a building that was under construction before the war broke out. It’s called Tesco, and it is a giant store similar to our Costco. For now, this building is a refugee camp where Ukrainian people can have a place to stay and also get diapers, clothing, bedding and other supplies donated by the kind and generous people living in Poland. Laura and her team are working directly with these families, purchasing supplies like hygiene needs, diapers and baby food. In addition, they are supporting Ukrainians who plan to leave the country until the war ends, most of whom have friends and relatives living in other countries. Laura and her team are helping these families to obtain visas and buy airline tickets to other places in the world.


This is where we all come in! As the needs come in, Laura will be sharing the stories with us and we will fundraise in real time. Right now, there are many people waiting for visas, so airline tickets and travel expenses will be needed soon. These people are arriving with plastic bags filled with their life’s possessions, so some will need suitcases. Some will need new shoes after days of walking to the border. Some have not showered and may be offered a night in a hotel to rest, get clean, and then head back to the refugee center. Many need counseling and someone to cry with. This is emotional and hard.


The mission is supporting humanitarian efforts to move refugees out of Ukraine, and to meet their needs, with dignity and respect. 


Examples of aid provided to Ukrainian families over the past month through Laura and her friends fundraising efforts of about $5,000.00:


-       7 families (35 people total) received flights, transportation, temporary accommodations, food, and necessities to help navigate the fear and uncertainty of leaving their homes and not knowing where they will end up.

-       One Ukrainian family of 9 resettled in Ireland with relatives.

-       AirBnB for one week in Warsaw for a family waiting for visas to be processed to the move to the United Kingdom.

-       Relocating 3 families from Ukraine to safe spots.

-       $300.00 for the “Ukrainian Fighter Sewing Circle” that sews ballistic safety vests for Ukrainian fighters in Kyiv.


Please join us in supporting these ongoing efforts! All donations will go 100% directly to support those in Ukraine. Thank you for trusting us. Together we will make a difference!