Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Bay Area ELDA offers support at the End-of-Life

Thank you everyone who recently donated to the Bay Area End of Life Doula Alliance’s fundraiser to support the dying and their loved ones. We were so grateful to be able to offer funeral services for a beloved woman from the Philippines who died of Covid-19 after being sick with the virus for just one short week. Her loved ones were so appreciative that your support gave them the opportunity to honor her life with a proper funeral. Everyone deserves that, but sadly these days, many are dying alone and loved ones are left to grieve without closure. We plan to continue to offer financial support for others facing death as the years go by.

Bay Area ELDA is a group of end-of-life doulas and many of you have asked what we do. Simply, we offer emotional, practical and spiritual care to the dying. We are non-medical, so we spend time with our clients getting to know them and working with them to help them discover what matters most in their life, what brings them joy, what their worries might be, and we work through all of this to bring peace and comfort in their final days. If you want to know more about our work, reach out to us, or check out our website at Bay Area ELDA.

This fund is to offer support to those who have specific needs or wishes at the end of their life that they cannot afford. It will be an ongoing fundraiser so please donate any time you want to! If any of you know of someone who is dying who might have a final wish, needs medical supplies, or something to bring them comfort or entertainment, please reach out to us!

Be well, Everyone!