Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Wow! 10,000 Showed Up!

A huge success! This is our 4th year and the Heroes and Remembrance Race is always such a privilege to sponsor.  Thanks to ALL of you who donate and volunteer, we have supported Fisher House and this event with over $20,000 in donations and many, many man-hours during the last 4 years!  It is a very emotional event, and it helps to remind us that over 7,000 men and women have given their lives in service to protect our freedom, just since 9/11. This year #IPAGivesBack showed up before sunrise to help prepare for the event. We supplied and passed out water bottles to the runners and then arranged the boots into a memorial for the public to come and visit on 9-11. 

Rylyne Bravo, an #IPAGivesBack volunteer, sent us the nicest note about her experience.  I will finish the blog with her special thoughts about the day.

From Rylyne - This was the most effective and emotional type of volunteering that I have ever done. We woke up really early at four o'clock so we could get at to the Memorial on time. On the way, there were more than 7,000 boots that lined the road, everyone made for a solider that died in action since 9/11. It was extremely sad to hear Hannah, a volunteer for around four years now, to tell us that the boots are getting closer every time. 

It helped me realize the value and sacrifice that others go through to keep our country safe. One of the higher ranking members of the military or navy also reminded all of us of how important it is that these sacrifices were not in for nothing. He said that there is a boot for every person because all of them matter and should never be forgotten. The boots are made to border a long track where people are able to run to honor the soldiers. Some would run, some would walk, and some would simply sit next to a boot because they used to know the person who wore it. During the race, we were able to pass out water to all the amazing participants.

After, we collected all of the shoes with the help of other schools and volunteers. This really helped me see how kind and caring the people of Hawaii are. It only took and hour or so to collect all 7,000 boots because we all worked together."

Thank you Rylyne and all of the volunteers, donors and participants!  Here are a few more photos of this incredible, memorable day!

Ps. - We will be back at Tripler Hospital's Fisher House this December for our annual Holiday Heros Event! We'll get the word out to you all!