Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Kitchen Before & After Photos

"It's a SIGN!"


And, this Sign is for YOU!

It's a way for you and us and the incredible kids & staff of OOH orphanage to share in the wonderful work of making this world a better place for everyone… together!  

There is a great African expression that says: "If you want to go fast… go alone.  But, if you want to go FAR… go together!


Already, we have gone very far together!!

You might remember that Dream of a Better World, thanks to the "Matching Gift Campaign" and all of YOU (Supporters & Volunteers), raised $20,000 for four more acres of land.  The "farm to table" beans, maize and garden vegetables grown there will supply the large majority of OOH's food next year.  That is a supper healthy blessing, especially for kids who's immune system has been compromised.  The land and this kitchen will provide a sustainable, vitamin rich food supply!

We estimate that they prepare and serve between 50,000 and 75,000 meals per year.  That's a LOT of healthy food and an enormous cost savings that can be directed towards school fees, clothing, medicines and other necessities.

Can you imagine cooking that many meals, basically out doors, in one of these?  In the rainy season?

One other fun note… here is a different photo of the "BEFORE" kitchen in the background.  In the foreground are older OOH kids holding up letters that they received, with great JOY, from kids in Hawaii.  Often, when we visit OOH, we exchange letters between the kids in Uganda with kids in America… both are "hungry" to learn about each other!