Tuesday, November 1, 2016

12,000 Teddy Bears Showed Up

Another WOW!  It's Our Turn Now and #IPAGivesBack to the rescue. 
Remember that Prevent Child Abuse Hawaii had many of it's stuffed animals stolen this year just before their Annual Teddy Bear Drive. So, #IPAGivesBack collected 400 stuffed animals and showed up to volunteer.
We did not realize that when the word got out.... drum roll please... over 12,000 stuffed animals showed up, doubling their total donations from last year!  This was SO MUCH FUN, that we can hardly wait for next year!  Here is another super nice note about the event, from one of our volunteers, Shania Bravo.

Shania - “I was told prior to the event that there would be a lot of stuffed animals, but seeing the amount in real life does not compare the its description. The pile of stuffed animals was enormous. Originally, we only intended to drop off the stuffed animals that we had collected at IPA, but we stayed additional hours to help.
My favorite feeling was seeing so many people coming in to donate, whether it was one animal or bags of it. Being able to see a bunch of strangers come together to support one purpose is astounding and heart warming. This is another event that I want to continue participating in annually.”

Thank You Prevent Child Abuse Hawaii!
On a serious note, thank you for our volunteers and the HUNDREDS of IPA families and other friends who donated and helped collect 400 stuffed animals!  This was a blast, but it is also serious business. We have learned that once every minute, a child somewhere in
Thank You #IPAGivesBack!
America is abused. Physically. Sexually. Emotionally. But the most upsetting statistic of all is how often abuse is witnessed and ignored. But an abused child never forgets. And neither does Prevent Child Abuse Hawaii!  Here's a GIANT shout out to their awesome work!