Sunday, June 8, 2014

Hope Medical Clinic Completed!

The OOH Medical Clinic, named The Hope Clinic, has been completed and supplies are being purchased!

Because of the extra funds raised during the "Warm Your Heart Campaign" and the 2013 / 2014 "Matching Gift Campaign," we were able to help OOH complete and begin to supply The Hope Clinic!  For years, volunteer nurses have been operating out of one of the rooms in the dormitory.  This clinic will have examination rooms, an office and beds for the kids who need extra medical care.  It will also house the medical volunteer staff and maintain a pharmacy.

The construction cost were more than expected and other urgent needs had arisen to the top of everyone's priority list, so the construction came to a stand-still over a year ago.  But, thanks in part, to all of you, it is now meeting the needs of OOH kids, staff, volunteers and extended community.

Construction Stopped
Clinic In-progress

Dorm Room Clinic & Nurse!
New Arrival to OOH
By the time the children find there way to OOH, they are often very sick.   "Momma" Holly or "Daddy" William (Founders of OOH) will get a call from a local agency or hospital asking them to take "one more child," and OOH always does.

The children, when they arrive,  are all HIV+ or have active AIDS. All are malnourished and need immediate medical attention.  William say: "Usually, though not always, the children start to come back to health after about three months, and then we begin to see the joy and life come back by about six months."

Here is a collage of photos of just a few of the OOH kids that we took when we were last there.  We think this expresses what William is talking about when he talks about their joy and life!