Monday, May 18, 2020


Ben & Erica - Amazing Volunteer Leaders at CHA
Here's a quick update for everyone supporting our COVID-19 food distribution efforts!  As most of you know, we ALWAYS use 100% of your donation to meet the needs of those we are tying to help!  We also search out local partners on the front lines who are doing the same.  In this case... meet Ben and Erica, volunteer leaders at California Homemakers Association (CHA).

Social Distance Meetings CHA & DBA
CHA is a 100% volunteer organization doing amazing things to help our communities in need.  Because of COVID-19, their emergency food deliveries have tripled!  Many of their members are now unable to pick up food, afford gas for their cars, are quarantined or suffering with COVID-19.  Our partnership with CHA is a direct way for Dream of a Better World to help provide food and get that food where it is needed most!

To date, we have raised $8,000 in cash and needed items!   We are SO PROUD of our donors and the on-going support they give to people in need.  We are also very, very thankful for Ben & Erica and ALL of the amazing volunteers at CHA!

Thank you all!

PLEASE keep donating when you can.   We promise your donation will make a BIG difference in the lives of the people we are helping!

We have also posted a thank you letter with photos from CHA of some of the great work they are doing to help people in our communities.  CLICK HERE for the FULL UPDATE.

(Please note that the photos below were taken recently, but prior to the COVID-19 outbreak and that EVERY precaution is now being taken to keep volunteers and program members safe!)

Organizing Food Distributions.
Volunteers Packing Food
Families Delivering Food