Monday, November 9, 2020

Thanksgiving Food for ALL!

Hi Everyone,

So MUCH is happening in the world around us these days!  Between COVID and politics and the upcoming holidays, it is SO easy to forget that we CAN make a huge difference for many, many people in our own communities!  So... THANK YOU EVERYONE who has reached out and supported our efforts this year! We have been able to feed many families and purchase diapers, toilet paper and other needs because of your generosity.

This THANKSGIVING we will be partnering again with California Homemakers Association (CHA). We know that they will be making a huge difference to people struggling through the pandemic in Northern California.  They are desperately trying to re-stock their food shelves for an expected increased demand during the holidays.  As a reminder, CHA is a grassroots, voluntary membership organization created to meet people’s basic needs including food, dental and medical, as well as legal expenses. 

We chose them because, like us, their donations go directly to feeding people who are not getting paid and are struggling to purchase food right now. One other cool thing is that they collect excess food from Whole Foods, Andy’s, Oliver’s and other local grocery stores, as well as the Goodwill, every single Friday! And they still cannot keep up with the demand. People are hungry. Families are hungry. Kids are hungry!

CHA provides support for our valuable and necessary, but “unrecognized” workers who include day laborers, temporary and seasonal workers, in-home health care providers, independent contractors, farmers, and domestic workers. They are working hard during these challenging times to help the community get its basic needs for food and safety met. They are currently delivering food to hundreds of people each week and the demand keeps growing every day!
Please help us re-stock their shelves so that the many families they serve will be able to really celebrate this Thanksgiving! 
Thank you ALL!  Dream of a Better World is grateful for each and every one of YOU!  And we hope you have an abundant and wonderful, healthy holiday season!
With Much Thanksgiving!
Carly, Jack and Hannah Button
And everyone at Dream of a Better World