Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Warm Your Hearts!

We're "Warming Hearts" from Hawaii to California to Africa!  Please join us in this wonderful and important project to raise money and awareness that will feed, care and support the homeless in local community… and, create a permanent place to cook for and feed needy orphans in Africa.  

Our new friends at Mauloa have served over 500 hot meals and hygiene / care packages to homeless camps on the North Shore of Oahu, just miles from our headquarters.  They also offer showers, mailing addresses, clothing, bus passes, and job assistant to those able to work.  They take the time to let the homeless know that someone cares enough to give them a help up!  And our job is to raise awareness, support and money that will warm the hearts of the givers and those in need.

Bath Time!
Many of you have followed us over the last 5 years as we supported our dear friends at Our Own Home Orphanage in Uganda.  Their 62 kids at Our Own Home orphanage have no kitchen... well.. their kitchen is unfortunately outdoors with a falling down, leaky roof overhead!  It's a big challenge for them, especially in the winter.  Our goal is to build them a kitchen this Christmas! And, that means we need to act NOW!

Natalie - CA Team 

So, this weekend, we have two separate fundraisers going on!  Thanks to Dream Team Members Natalie and Max Burrous, we have an event DECEMBER 14TH (11:30 - 2 PM)  in California at Doggie Styles in Mill Valley!   And, thanks to Our Hawaii Dream Team Members, Jack and Hannah Button, we will have our annual year end event at Dream of a Better World HQ in Hawaii from 4:30 PM to 6 PM!  So please join Natalie and Max in California or stop by Dream of a Better World and 'Warm Your Heart" by helping the homeless in our own community as well as the precious children of Our Own Home!

We've got lots of great deals on fun household items including sistema's revolutionary microwavable mugs.  The donation behind this soup mug will help warm hearts and fill these children’s lives with food and LOVE, in a very practical way!  

Jack & Moses at OOH

Please join us in one of these locations or donate online. 100% of all donations to "Warm Our Heart!" will go to helping the homeless at home and building this kitchen for the HIV+ orphans at Our Own Home.  Thank you for your continued support!

The Dream Team Kids!