Monday, March 18, 2024

The Chaplain of Oakland

Our Director and super active Dream Team member, Diane Button is having a BIG BIRTHDAY!!  And, we ALL want to help her CELEBRATE! For her 65th birthday, in lieu of gifts, she is asking friends and family to help support the underserved and marginalized populations who may not have access to the same medical services that most of us are privileged to enjoy! 


Thanks to all of you, Dream of a Better World already supports individual clients directly by purchasing medical supplies, food, comfort supplies, final
wishes, and memorial expenses.  Diane's birthday wish is for us to support the non-profit production efforts of a film featuring Chaplain Betty Clark and Dr. Jessica Zitter about the disparities in our healthcare system.


The film is called “The Chaplain of Oakland” and the trailer below will give you a glimpse into the work they are doing. These trailblazing women are working tirelessly to change the way poor and underserved people die in America. This tugs at Diane’s heart strings and we all hope you will join her in supporting this worthy cause. 

You can watch the trailer here: The Chaplain of Oakland - trailer


                     DONATE - The Chaplain of Oakland

If you want to know more about Diane’s doula group, you can visit their end-of-life doula website here:  


                           End of Life Doula Alliance