Monday, November 25, 2019

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Thank you to everyone who jumped in with last month’s fundraiser! We could never do all of this without all of you!   

This holiday season, as we continue to reach out to serve kids and families in need around the world, we just want to take a moment to let you know how grateful we are for each and every person who has donated to Dream of a Better World over the past 10 years.

We can really not even begin to detail all that we have been able to accomplish with your help, but here are some highlights…
We have purchased backpacks and school supplies, built homes, replaced cars, supplied food and water, planted gardens, supplied musical equipment to a high school band, and fed kids around the globe from Africa to the Mexican Border.  We have brought joy and relief to kids suffering from cancer and other diseases. We provided a full Christmas celebration for Veteran’s and their families in a hospital in Hawaii for seven years in a row. We have bought goats in Africa, underwear and socks in South America, wheelchairs for girls in an orphanage in China, and more.

We have provided tens of thousands of dollars worth of household supplies including bedding, appliances, beds, furniture, kitchen supplies and more to families who lost their homes in Hurricane Harvey or in the fires in Santa Rosa and Paradise, CA.  We found that many of our new friends were living in RV's or tents.

There is so much more work to be done. There are more people who need a chance for a better life. Our environment and changing weather patterns, and the devastating fires and floods in recent years, have created even more places for us to put our time, energy and money in hopes of making a difference. We are not a big, giant corporation. We are a group of 3 kids and a few adults who keep this going…one person, one family, one story at a time.


Sunday, November 3, 2019

The BEST Birthday Gift!

Thank you all for your donations! We were able to completely renovate the computer room at this amazing home, part of a program that educates and houses young village girls from Morocco, giving them the skills to succeed, have careers, and go to college!  We purchased 6 computers, a printer, office supplies and raised enough funds for new chairs and some fresh paint! 

Thank you so much. These girls are going to change the world!

PS. Here is an article that our Morocco partner organization  printed in their most recent newsletter: