Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Urgent Update... Let's Help This Family Heal & Rest!

Many of you know about Chance from our holiday fundraiser in Paradise, California. Chance is an amazing 13 year-old kid with a big smile and a huge heart. His family, including his siblings, his parents and his grandparents lost EVERYTHING in the November 2018 wildfires. Not only did they have to start over and move to a small apartment without any of their possessions, they are also struggling to get medical care for Chance, who needs a kidney transplant. 

Finally, Chance is getting 
some advanced medical treatment that he has been waiting for. He is going to Stanford 3 days a week for the kidney dialysis that he needs to save his life. The family is divided, with Chance’s dad, Phil, living and working in Paradise to earn money to pay their bills, while Chance’s mom, Tammy, is driving Chance back and forth to Stanford for treatments.

We have two simple requests and would love it so much if you could help with either of these. This family is very close. Chance misses his family and his dog. He needs encouragement and support to get through this. If you have time, could you (or your younger kids) send him a card with some get well wishes to:

Chance Johnson
60 Cobblestone Dr. Apt. F
Chico, CA  95928

And we are raising funds to help the family pay for gas and food. Every little bit will help this sweet family rest and heal and take care of their son without so much worry. Thank you SO much for always showing up and taking care of others. We all need each other, that’s for sure.

Thank you!

All of us at Dream of a Better World

If you can donate, there is a link here on the blog for Chance, or you can send checks to:

Dream of a Better World
67 Del Oro Lagoon
Novato, CA  94949