Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentine's Day at Fisher House 2014

For the second year in a row, we've delivered Valentine's gifts to our military families at the Tripler Fisher House in Hawaii!  It is part of our Operation Holiday Heroes that so many of you support.

You might remember the story of our team leader, Hannah Button, who inspired what we now call "Operation Holiday Heroes."  She was sitting with her 6th grade classmate, Riley, at Trinity Lutheran School.  A soldier quietly entered the classroom and tapped Riley on the back.  As Riley turned around,  she screamed with excitement to see her dad home from a year of deployment in Afghanistan.  Tears rolled down Riley's face, and soon Hannah found herself in a puddle of tears as well.

That moment inspired, our on-going relationship with Fisher House.  In the last three years, Dream of a Better World, along with classmates from Trinity Lutheran and Island Pacific Academy have collected, wrapped and delivered gifts to our nation's sick and injured military families.

Operation Holiday Heroes delivers these gifts on Valentine's Day, Fourth of July, Easter and, Christmas!

This is all in addition to volunteering with and becoming a lead sponsor for the "Hero & Remembrance Run" across Ford Island Bridge!  Thank you ALL for your support of Dream of a Better World, the sick and injured U.S. military families at Tripler Fisher House and for remembering the soldiers and families who gave there ALL in service to our nation!

If you world like to DONATE for any of our Operation Holiday Heroes events, please click the appropriate donate button to the right.  Thank You!