Thursday, October 6, 2011

We've Made It Home... Our Own Home in Uganda!

Home With Moses!
After two days of traveling, we made it home… to “Our Own Home!”   Home to 52 wide-eyed, smiling, singing, shouting, running, laughing children.  We made it home to our Moses and home to a very BIG DREAM that is making a world of difference to some of the “least of God’s children.”  It was amazing to see the results of our support and to see the smiles on EVERY one of the children's faces... to hear them shouting... Uncle! Uncle! Uncle!  Even Jack is "Uncle" here in Our Own Home.  In fact, he is a bit of a hero to the younger kids.

There are so many things to share with all of you, most that words just won’t express… like the faith and strength and humility of Holly and William, who started this effort.  Like the injustice and indignity of HIV/AIDS and the over crowded, ill supplied clinics trying to deal with it.   There are so many stories that need to be told, that need to be captured and shared… stories of faith and courage and determination.  And not just the BIG stories… everyday life and living.  Children who are excited to have a friend and to sit in someone's lap and have book read out loud.

We are amazed at the happiness of these children who take such joy in the simplest of life’s pleasures.  I watched one of the children explode in excitement and joy at the prospect of having cake at our upcoming ground breaking ceremony.   CAKE! Hands in the air… shouts of joy… bouncing up and down like fireworks!  What wonderful, unassuming, grateful, full-of-life children!

At the moment, I’d like to share one success story that really is a “THANK YOU” to everyone who has supported Dream of a Better World.  The best way to thank some one, is to share the results.  Last year, the “Dream Team” raised the money to purchase a van for Our Own Home and then early this year, they raised the money for 4 acres of land for a new, permanent (rent free) home.  Now, they’ve helped raise the money to begin the buildings.  Now that’s not even the story I’m talking about!

Here’s the story!  The moment the land was purchased… the older kids went to work on a plan to feed the orphanage!  The soil is fertile, but the land needed work. They cleared trees and bush and dug and tilled the land.  Of course, they needed the van to get it done!  They purchased seed and began to plant.  They planted maize and potatoes in their own land, with their own hands.  They harvested and husked and sent bags off to the mill.

I’ll let Holly tell you the rest…