Sunday, September 3, 2017

Making "Back to School" happen in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey!

One teacher at a time...
One family at a time...
We will make a difference...  one story at a time.

According to the governor of Texas, hurricane Harvey displaced over 5,000,000 people... more than hurricane's Katrina and Sandy combined.   One of the worst communities hit was Katy, Texas with a population of about 16,000 people.

Sheridan Elementary is a Title 1 school situated in the heart of this community, where 66% of their families are disadvantaged.  The school buildings survived, but their school is still not open, because their teachers, families and communities are devastated. Many have lost their homes, their cars and most of their belongings.  This is where WE will lend our HELPING hands... getting the teachers and students of Sheridan Elementary back to school.

The good news is that we are uniquely situated to make a BIG difference there in helping those teachers and kids get back to school! 

Kelsey (Richvalsky) DeMarce, one of our long time Dream of a Better World supporters is a teacher at that very school.  She is working with us to relay their needs and to ensure that all of our raised support goes to where it's needed most.

All of our Dream Team members have voted and agree, our first priority... let's help those teachers who have lost their homes, cars and everyday items to get back to doing what they do best!

Sheikkaya - 4th Grade Teacher evacuating her family
"So many teachers have made a huge impact on who I am, and I am grateful for them every day." - Hannah, Hawaii Team Leader, age 17.

"Education is our key to the future, and the type of path we will take as a society." - Zack, California Team Leader, age 16.

"My life is so much better because there are caring teachers who are passionate about their work." - Max, California Team Leader, age 16.

Stephanie - Special Ed Teacher, kayaking to safety.
Our second priority is... these kids, this school and its community will need everything from food to uniforms and school supplies.   

So PLEASE join in. We PROMISE... 100% of your donations will go to this area of need. 


If you'd like to read STORIES from some of the TEACHERS that need our help!



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