Thursday, October 8, 2015

Announcing Plans For: Dream of a Better World Academy!

We are looking for Dream Team Supporters who are willing to join us in making our BIGGEST EVER dream come true!

We already have the land, the plans and the KIDS!  Now, we just need YOU!
School Site - New Land Purchased!
And, together, we have the opportunity to make a lifetime of change for orphans living in Jinja, Uganda.  

Our current focus is to build a school for the kids at Our Own Home orphanage and other sponsored children in their neighborhood.   Not an ordinary school, but the Dream of a Better World Academy!  

Currently, their kids attend poor quality schools with over-crowded class sizes ranging from 75 to 125 kids per classroom and only one teacher.  We believe that for only slightly higher school fees, easily managed through their current sponsorship program, these kids could be receiving an excellent academic education with class sizes as low as 20 -25 students per class and a teacher.

Past Projects - Dorm & Medical Clinic
Our goal is to find an organization willing to give $60,000 as a “matching donor” for Dream of a Better World’s - 2015 /2016 Matching Gift Campaign.   We have teamed up with Our Own Home Orphanage for the past 6 years and, together, have a track record of successfully funding and completing projects in this way.  Our Own Home will raise $30,000 and we, the kids of Dream of a Better World, will raise $30,000 though garage sales, book & bake sales, blogging, letter writing and just generally getting the word out!  In effect, the “matching donor” would give a dollar for every dollar raised by Dream of a Better World and Our Own Home.  

Building Plans - Dream of a Better World Academy
We realize that this is a BIG dream, but we’ve learned that you’re never too young or too old to make a difference.  And, this dream will make a big difference in the lives of some very needy children.  

Now, we need your help!

William & Holly Pheni
Our Own Home currently has 62 orphans. They provide all of the normal care necessary plus medical and schooling expenses for these children.  Holly Pheni, now married to William, are known as “Mommy Holly” and “Daddy William.”  They provide the supervision and dedication for the children and manage the staff of full-time caregivers.  More importantly, they provide love, a home, and hope to the HIV/AIDS orphans in and around the Jinja, Uganda area.
2013/2014 Kitchen Project Completed!

The kids of Dream of a Better World have funded projects for Our Own Home over the last 6 years.  They started with a 15-passenger van, then purchased 4-acres of land, then with their Matching Campaign 2011 were a major funder for the first dormitory building and soccer field.  Since then, DBW has taken on projects every year, including a generator building, laundry and kitchen facilities, and help in finishing the medical clinic and volunteer housing.  DBW has also recently funded farm animals and additional land to be used as a school for OOH and the surrounding community.  

Carly & Moses 2009
Hannah & Moses 2013
Jack & Moses 2011
The kids of Dream of a Better World will continue to provide support and donor reporting for the money raised in partnership with Our Own Home.  Here are just a few their kids being well loved, who may one day attend the Dream of a Better World Academy!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

2015 Presidential Award Goes to Three Dream Team Members!

North Shore’s Lindsay Grimshaw, Jackson Button, and Hannah Button, have received the Presidential Volunteer Service Award in recognition of their outstanding charity work in 2015.  These Waialua teenagers have already contributed a combined 750 hours of community service this year.  They have collected and donated $14,500 worth of food, gifts and support to projects ranging from Mauloa Food Pantry at Sunset Beach Christian Church, to gifts for sick and injured service members at Tripler Hospital Fisher House to funding rescue efforts at St. Croix Animal Welfare Center.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Jackson & Moses 201

We just received an updated 2015 edition of "The Hero's Trail" by best selling author T.A. Barron.  One of the inspirational stories included is about Jackson Button, co-founder of Dream of a Better World, and his on-going work with Our Own Home in Jinja, Uganda.

The land has been purchased!  And, according to Jackson, his next dream is: the "Dream of a Better World Academy."  

Friday, July 10, 2015

Saving Lives - Four Paws at a Time!

On behalf of ALL dogs everywhere, we want to thank you in advance for helping us to rescue abused, abandoned and forgotten animals!

We are partnering with Sali Gear and the most incredible organization: Saint Croix Animal Welfare Center in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

There are many sad things happening to the animals there and it is such a small place that you realize you can make a huge difference and really help an entire community.  We are honored to be working with such a devoted group and when you hear about how much they are doing, it is nearly impossible not to want to be a part of it!

NEWS ALERT!   If you'd like to GIVE, we are currently having a MATCHING gift campaign.

A very generous Dream of a Better World donor will MATCH whatever you give!   So, through the month of July... 
ANYTHING you give will be DOUBLED, up to $5,000. 

All of the money will be used to rescue and provide for these abused and unwanted animals.  St. Croix Animal Welfare Center also  provides safe shelter until all of its animals find adoptive families or foster care, or live out their lives in a safe and loving shelter environment. 

HAVE YOUR DONATION MATCHED... Just click on the "Animal Rescue" donation button (RIGHT) or mail in a donation to our HQ to help little friends like these:

Dream of a Better World
P.O. Box 455
Haleiwa, Hawaii  96712

If you'd like to GIVE to any of your other favorite Dream of a Better World projects, we are still working around the world.  You can CLICK on your favorite continent donation button or on "Where Needed Most."  Thank YOU!!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Please Help Us Save Dogs!

Just like these two…

Lottie                  &                                      Dottie

And, thousands of other dogs from Kern County, California to Healing Paws Sanctuary on St. Croix in the Virgin Islands.  These animals are being euthanized daily due to poor conditions, lack of funding and lack of ability to afford spay and neuter fees and other needs. 

Join us on Saturday, June 20th

At The Depot Café
in downtown Mill Valley

We will be offering freshly baked goods
and a huge selection of radically discounted
food storage containers that anyone can use!

100% of your donation will be used to bring these dogs to shelters, homes and farms, where they will be cleaned, fed, vaccinated and
most of all, loved!
From there, they will find their forever families and live happily ever after.
Help us give these dogs a chance! Any donation is appreciated!


Sunday, May 10, 2015

Full Hearts & Pantry!

Thank you all for your support of donated food and money.  We were able to make a significant contribution to filling the shelves of the Mauloa food pantry.  And, thanks to your generosity, we also delivered a check to them for $500.

We have come to know a few of their homeless clients and they were very, very thankful for the help we were able to give them.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Antarctica Update - The Whale Shark Project

Hey there dreamers, it's Hannah!  I know that many of you are animal and earth-lovers, just like me, and I want to share with you more about one of our Seven Continents Partners.  It is an amazing organization that's doing everything it can to save the world, one species at a time.  The Turtle Island Restoration Network is  looking to protect certain rare, beautiful and endangered species.  There motto is: "Fighting for a blue-green planet," and they have teamed up with a our new friend, explorer and naturalist Jonathan R. Green.  Jonathan is the brainchild for the "Galapagos Whale Shark Project," and our contact for Antarctica. He started this project in 2000 and is a leading researcher of the whale sharks.

We met Jonathan through my cousin, who has travelled down to the Galapagos with him on an expedition.  Jonathan is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society of London.  He saw the slaughter of these beautiful creatures by fisheries in the Pacific and Indian oceans, and has worked passionately to protect them ever since.  Through Jonathan we have learned a lot about the illegal poaching of whale sharks.

Whale sharks have been listed as vulnerable by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature since 2002, largely because of the presence of these whale shark fisheries, most of which have now been closed.
However, whale sharks are still taken as by-catch, or illegally.  Last year, a single slaughterhouse in southeastern China's Zhejiang province was found to process up to 6000 whale sharks annually.  Whale shark fins are also highly prized as trophies, and can be sold for up to $1,000 each!

This year, we worked with Jonathan to raise money to put a tracker on a whale shark.  Now, the Turtle Restoration Network can track that whale shark to see where it, and other whale sharks travel to, and they can potentially find where they breed and where and how to best protect these sharks.

Thank you to everyone that helped us raise the money to track this shark!  Hopefully, with the progress we have made with the whale shark tracking, we can make a difference with these beautiful animals, and potentially help to bring back the species to the thriving state they were once in.

If you would like continue helping these whale sharks through the "Galapagos Whale Shark Project," you can donate to our "ANTARCTICA" button and can find out more at:

Thank you for helping to make our "blue-green" world a better place!

Ps. - It's Jack, and I also wanted to thank you by sharing one more fun-fact!  Jonathan said that this summer he wants to tag a new whale shark and name it "HANNAH!"  Stay tuned!
Could this be Hannah? ;)

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Easter Food Drive - URGENT NEWS!

Last Minute
Easter Food Drive!
Collecting items through SATURDAY 4/4!

Hey there friends and neighbors!  We heard that the food pantry on the North Shore is running low, so we wanted to do something to help!  Please bring down your extra nonperishable and canned food items so that we can help. Or, feel free to make a monetary donation and we will buy the canned foods for you.  Thanks to everyone!  PLEASE make monetary donations directly to one of us, or by using the NORTH AMERICA DONATE button on the left panel of our blog or website.

- The Button Kids, Dream Team Members

Bring any food donations to 68-505 Crozier Drive by Saturday 4/4 (you can leave them inside the gate if we aren't there) or you can call 615-293-2009 and an adorable teenager will find a way to come down and pick it up!

Saturday, February 7, 2015


GOALS ACHIEVED = $18,410.00

We have learned that the BEST WAY to say "thank you" is to share the results.  

With a total of $18,410 in donations we purchased and donated:

Christmas gifts and supplies for wounded and sick veterans and their families living at Fisher House in Honolulu, and food for the Mualoa Foundation, who helps feed and support the hungry and homeless on Oahu’s North Shore.

Clean sheets and bedding for Nuestros Pequenos Hermanos (NPH) orphanage in Bolivia.   NPH is a home for 110 children who have been orphaned or abused. Many have been abandoned or shuffled from one family member to another. Like all children, they are seeking love and security, a place they can call home. Once they arrive at Nuestros Pequenos Hermanos (NPH), they will never be asked to leave. 

We are helping to protect the endangered whale sharks from poaching and population decline in the Galapagos and surrounding areas.   Dream of a Better World has partnered with Jonathan Green and Turtle Island Restoration Network who are committed to protecting endangered animals and the environment in the Antarctica and Galapagos.  They are helping keep the world and it’s ecosystems intact and flourishing for generations to come.

For our Europe project we are working with Great Ormond Street Hospital, a hospital for children in London, England. This very special hospital treats children from all over the globe with complex medical conditions, some of which are life threatening.  We are giving them a state of the art respirator and neo-natal masks for babies.  We wish to make these kid's treatments more safe, comfortable and stress-free.

For our project in Africa we are excited to continue our work with Our Own Home, an HIV/AIDS orphanage in Jinja, Uganda. We are all very passionate about this organization, and have been supporting it for 5 years now.  Our Own Home is becoming very self-sufficient, and we want to help them continue on this path by providing them with 2 milking cows, a complete chicken farm and tons of chickens to provide milk and eggs for more protein in their diets.

Five years ago, our friends from Tennessee, Marybeth and Steven Curtis Chapman officially opened Maria’s Big House of Hope in China.  Maria’s Big House of Hope has provided a solid and loving place to live and acute medical care to over 800 Chinese orphans, most with special needs.  We are donating 2 tumbler form support chairs for disabled children and 2 new Nellcor pulse oximeters for monitoring their health in a comfortable, non-invasive way.

Dream of a Better World has partnered with KidsCan to provide free footwear and socks for children who come to school in winter without footwear or with shoes that are in bad condition. Also in New Zealand, we are assisting Diving For a Cause who will be providing  Maori community assistance in local environmental community service projects. 


All of these INCREDIBLE projects are on-going.  If you'd like to donate to any particular project, please CLICK your desired DONATE button on the right!

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Operation Holiday Heroes 2014 - A Big Success!

WOW… We knew that Operation Holiday Heroes was a big success this year.  But, we didn't expect that the ARMY would agree so LOUDLY on the official homepage of the United States ARMY!  Thank you to everyone who volunteered, donated or cheered us on!  Thank you especially to the military families who give to our country each and every day!

Here is a really sweet quote by Anita Clingerman, the manager of Tripler Hospital Fisher House (from Army Weekly): “It’s especially difficult that most of our residents are far away from family and home during the holidays,” says Clingerman. “These Dream of a Better World kids really lift our spirits, just when we need it most.  And, they are another great reminder that people still care about our military families.”

Anita Clingerman, the Fisher House Residents & Dream Team Kids!
We thank you Anita, and all of the Fisher House Residents!  

If you'd like to read the articles, here are Links:

We have been collecting donations, having bake sales, yard sales and selling "Special Delivery" cookbooks since 2011.  Since then, we have delivered goodies, games and gifts for Christmas, Valentine's Day, Easter and the 4th of July to our sick and injured veterans and military families

Valentine's Day is right around the corner!

So… we take DONATIONS all year long for this amazing cause.  If you're interested, please CLICK on the North America - Operation Holiday Heroes "DONATE" button.

Thank You!

Ps.  If you want to ORDER cookbooks, go to OR click on this link:

 "Special Delivery - Support Our Troops EDITION"