Friday, March 2, 2018

Thank you for all your support in 2017! We made a difference!

Dear friends, family and all our supporters around the world,

This was an amazing year for Dream of a Better World, and we would not have been able to do ANY of this meaningful work without all of you working by our side!

You have helped donate funds, but also you have helped us collect food, plant gardens, fill backpacks for kids in need, deliver supplies to a women’s homeless shelter, and volunteered to work at Boots on the Bridge, a memorial for fallen soldiers. You have sent letters and passed out flyers, and delivered pillows, blankets and supplies to families who have lost their homes in the California wildfire. You have shopped for cars, bought school uniforms, and bought school supplies and household needs for families who have lost their homes or jobs during Hurricane Harvey. You made Christmas possible for 19 wounded and sick soldiers and their families at Fisher House near Tripler Hospital. You bought an iPad and helped ease the financial burden for the family of a sick child.  You helped with a marine biology program for disadvantaged school kids and filled a food pantry, twice!

THANK YOU ALL from Dream of a Better World! We are a team and you all are a huge part of it!

With love and respect,
Hannah, Jack and Carly Button and the California and Hawaii Dream Team

Friday, February 2, 2018

Thank You to WalMart and The Today Show!

Thank You to WalMart and The Today Show!

During the recent Northern California wildfires, a hero emerged. Her name is Payton Walton and she is a nurse at Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital in Northern California. On the night of the fires, Payton watched in awe as her fellow workers and other first responders evacuated their families from their homes and came directly to work at the hospital to help others in need. Dozens of Payton’s friends and co-workers lost their homes while they worked that night. And Payton couldn’t sleep at night worrying about her friends.

So, Payton created “Family Match” to match families who suffered loss with 8-10 families around Marin County and the Bay Area who are willing to adopt these families and help them get back on their feet by finding temporary housing, donating food and clothing and doing fundraisers for them. Dream of a Better World met Payton through this program and we were able to raise thousands of dollars for over a dozen families who have lost homes in the fire.

The Family Match program has helped over 1200 families and caught the eye of many national TV shows, including The Today Show. During Payton’s interview, The today Show, in conjunction with WalMart, gave Payton a financial gift to give to the charity of her choice. And guess what?! Payton chose Dream of a Better World because of all your donations and all the work we did to help families impacted by the fire.

Soon we will receive a check for $5,000.00 and with Payton, we will pass it out to more families in Northern California. Thank you, Payton, WalMart and The Today Show!

With appreciation,
Hannah Button and the Northern California Dream Team!

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Some Sad News….

Hi Everyone,

We are saddened to have to let you all know that Shyne Aquino has passed away. For the past year, he has been our mom’s hospice patient and we, along with lots of you, have gotten to know
him through our blogs and his sweet stories. Shyne loved trains, particularly the Polar Express, music videos, shrimp chips and his sweet, caring dad, Vernon. Thank you all who jumped in and helped us raise the funds to buy
Shyne a brand new iPad, which he loved. Shyne will be missed. For being only 12 years old, he sure touched many lives.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Calling All Volunteers and Supporters!

IPA students collecting and wrapping gifts!

It’s time for our 6th Annual
Operation Holiday Heroes!

Christmas Hope!
We're gearing up to make the holidays brighter once again for the 19 military families at the Tripler Hospital's Fisher House.  It's like the famous Ronald McDonald House, but Fisher House Hawaii takes care of our U.S. military families. They house the families of sick, injured or wounded soldiers, veterans and their family members. And, they are ALWAYS full! 

Lots of Smiles!
Right now, there is a waiting list to get in!  At Fisher House, they believe that "families are good medicine" and we know that’s true! We learned that same lesson when our mom went through cancer treatment 10 years ago.

We'll keep you posted for Fisher House fundraising events in Hawaii and our wrapping party, in case you’d like to join us. If you'd like to drop off gifts or goodies, please do!  And, we will be purchasing Walmart gift certificates, flashlights, blankets, games, toys and everyday supplies for the residents, so if you want to volunteer or donate, we appreciate your support!

Tripler Hosp. Comm. Barr Awards IPA
In early December, I will be delivering the gifts with my IPA classmates, where we will share a meal and sing Christmas carols together! This is one of my favorite days of the year!

Happy Holidays! Love, Hannah

Ps. Here's a quick video from our very first "Operation Holiday Heroes" that helps to remind us of why we need to get involved and how much fun this event is!

Saturday, November 4, 2017

California Wildfire UPDATE...

Thank you all who have donated money, gift cards, clothes, and supplies to help families devastated by the Northern California wildfires! To date we have been able to make donations to first responders and other families who have lost their homes, cars, furniture and everything! Many of these people had to flee their homes in the middle of the night with just the clothes on their back!
Some generous donors are matching the first $10,000.00 in donations so we can help ease the burden on the families we have met over the past few weeks! 
The Walker Family
You can read some of their stories above on the "California Fire - Stories" tab. "CLICK HERE FOR STORIES"

And it’s not too late if you want to donate before the holiday’s! 
We appreciate you! 

Hannah and the California Dream Team

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Dear First Responders,

Thank you for always taking care of us.
Now it's our turn to take care of you.

The stories are pouring in.  As  wildfires swept through neighborhoods in Northern California, many first responders lost their own homes as they were busy helping to evacuate residents and save lives.   

Dozens of doctors and nurses lost their homes while helping to evacuate people from the hospital during the fire. The Mill Valley
Fire Chief lost his home in the fire and then went back to work trying to help others. “At least 40 Bay Area firefighters have lost their homes in the Santa Rosa, Napa, and Sonoma firestorm, according to Marin Professional Firefighters.” The homes of two Novato Police Department employees were destroyed. And the stories are just beginning to emerge.

The Dream Team is starting our fundraiser to help our dedicated and awesome first responders and other victims of the Northern California Wildfires. Just like we did for Hurricane Harvey, we will be helping out by donating directly to families who are struggling because of the fires, one story at a time, one family at a time.

Thank you all who have reached out to donate and ask how you can help! We are grateful for all of our donors who have put your faith and trust in us over all these years. Now the emergency is in our own back yard.

Thank you so much!      
Hannah Button & The Bay Area Dream Team 

To all new donors – Dream of a Better World is a 501(c)3 non-profit, run by kids. Our motto is, “you are never too young, or too old, to make a difference.” We have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for needs on all 7 continents. It’s our turn to help, one story at a time. 100% of all donations will go to help first responders and other families impacted by the Northern California fires.

If you'd like to DONATE... Please CLICK 
(above to the right, or at the bottom of our blog pages).
Or, send a check to:
Dream of a Better World
P.O. Box 455
Haleiwa, Hawaii 96712
 Thank you!
- Hannah

Friday, October 13, 2017

California Dream Team JUMPING IN!

Hey Everyone,

You've heard us talk about our California Dream Team... well, they are JUMPING in to ACTION!  We've gotten a TON of calls about helping out.   And at the same time, the Marin County Dream Team Leaders are mobilizing to help those left homeless by the worst fire in California history.

We will keep you posted!  If you'd like to DONATE, CLICK the Northern CA Wildfires DONATE button ON THE RIGHT.

We are a NON-PROFIT 501(c)3 organization.  100% of your donations will go to help victims of the Northern California wildfire.


Thursday, September 28, 2017


We intended to update you sooner, because we certainly needed to say, "THANK YOU!"  Your response has been simply amazing. We are working diligently to ensure that all of the time, money and energy being put into this project by our donors and volunteers is making a BIG difference in the lives of Hurricane Harvey victims.   So, thank you ALL!  And a BIG shout out to our volunteers in Hawaii, Oregon and California... The Dream Team!  Your letters,  emails and fundraising efforts have been super effective!  Finally, a BIG shout out to Lee Cataluna, columnist and reporter at the Star Advertiser.  Your recent story generated some of the most ENCOURAGING mail that we've ever received.  Some came from teachers who reminded us that we are on the right track and to keep on "dreaming."  One envelope, marked "HE DID TOO," reminded us of a famous "Dreamer," John F. Kennedy, who said:

“As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.”

Or, as we like to say: Thank you for caring enough to not just "dream of a better world," but to go out and help make it happen.

- Hannah Button


(If you want to read Lee's article, CLICK on the individual 
pages below and they should enlarge)

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Here is ANOTHER REAL STORY of the Sheridan Elementary school Nurses Assistant (and her family) that your DONATIONS are helping to get back to work and back on their feet!  The story is relayed by one of our contacts on the ground at Sheridan Elementary.

Melissa and Family being rescued!
Melissa (Staff Member): Melissa just joined our staff this school year; she was not working prior to her start in August because she was a stay at home mother. She rotates between 3 different campuses throughout the week serving as a nurses assistant. Her home was flooded and she lost everything. She is currently driving 1.5 hours to work each day in a car that was flooded and has since mildewed and smells very bad. Melissa is recently separated from her husband, so she is no longer receiving support from her 4 year old's father. She is living with her mother way across town from where she works. She does not know anyone on this side of town and it is her goal for her 4 year old to enroll in Pre-K in one of the schools that she works at. The problem is our Pre-K is only a half day program, which would require her daughter to go to a nearby daycare for the other 1/2 of the day. She does not know anyone on her work side of town who can care for her daughter.  Melissa is needing financial assistance to pay for daycare, and the financial assistance that comes from FEMA will not kick-in in time for her to pay for childcare expenses at the start of school on September 11th. Melissa lost everything in the flood and only has 2 pairs of clothes that she alternates through at work. 

Monday, September 11, 2017

School Started Today! And... Your DONATIONS Helped Make it Happen!


As of today, we have have sent over $15,000 to our contacts in Katy, Texas to help Sheridan Elementary teachers, students and their families get back to school, get back on their feet and for everyday necessities (like FOOD)!   

The stories of "need" have been heartbreaking, and they keep coming in.  There are still many, many people who need our help... and some families are without food.  Our contacts there have been doing an amazing job, identifying the most needy, finding the items most needed and delivering them.

Jose's Family before Hurricane Harvey
What we are realizing is that so many people have lost EVERYTHING, and just replacing their immediate needs will drain all of their savings.  Also, most are not covered by insurance for a natural disaster and they are left with bills, no housing, and no way to get to work.  It's absolutely CRAZY!  Even teachers, some who are single parents, are in that position and feeling HOPELESS. 

Quick Story:  Of a family YOU are helping... Jose's apartment was completely flooded and they left with nothing except a backpack with important documents. Hilda, the daughter, had started school in another district for 4 days before the floods came. Both parents worked hard to provide the child with her uniforms for school as well as school supplies, which she no longer has. This family does not have the money to purchase (again) the basic school needs for their child. Sheridan Elementary has provided her with a backpack, school supplies, and a toy, but this family needs everything... especially food.

What's left of Jose's Family's Belongings
As of today, we have sent out over $15,000 to help give TEACHERS and needy FAMILIES a sense HOPE.  The funds are providing food, uniforms, basic clothing, school supplies and personal items for getting students and some very needy families back to school and, hopefully, back on their feet.  We have also helped teachers, whose cars were totaled and not covered by either insurance or FEMA, helped teachers with new furniture items, gas cards and other basic needs.  In short, thanks to YOUR DONATIONS, we have been able to help to GIVE them HOPE and to get them BACK TO SCHOOL!

Where they are still living.
This coming week, we will continue with more of the
same... identifying the best way to help the neediest teachers and families.  It is becoming clear to everyone that FEMA financial assistance won't kick in (in time) to meet these basic needs.  And, it is definitely NOT getting them back to school, or meeting their every day expenses to do so... like childcare, cars, gas, furniture, clothing and FOOD... REAL LIFE, EVERY DAY MUST HAVES!

Thank you for your continued support!  It is REALLY WORKING!  


PLEASE FORWARD.... If ANYONE is interested, we STILL have teachers and families who REALLY NEED OUR HELP! 



 If you'd like to DONATE NOW.... CLICK the DONATE BUTTON on the upper right labelled:  


OR... send checks to:
Dream of a Better World
P.O. Box 455
Haleiwa, HI  96712  

Dream of a Better World is a 501(c)3 Non-profit.