Monday, August 25, 2014

OOH Newsletter Thanking Dream of a Better World!

To ALL of our Dream of a Better World supporters - Here is an excerpt from the founders of OOH orphanage that we know and love.  They are thanking ALL of you for your support!

Maize...maize...maize...our two gardens have yielded the largest crop of maize we have had this year! The kids have been busy harvesting, shucking and removing the kernels. They lay the kernels on the ground to dry out, and this will be ground into the maize-meal known as posho, the main staple food
in Uganda. Because posho and kidney beans mixed with veggies are the daily fare here, not only at OOH but in Uganda at large, this provides us with food by the work of our hands, and provides the children with valuable life lessons from the garden.
Since we are talking about food, we might as well talk about our new kitchen! We had been more and more aware of our need for a permanent kitchen and had been praying for  the funds needed – He always provides what we need, and this time, like a few times before, He called a group called Dream of a Better World to the challenge. 

This group of teens and their parents from Hawaii and California sold soup mugs in order to raise the funds – here's a group photo of our kids sending their thanks! The new kitchen is well equipped to cook for a multitude, with giant wood-burning stoves, a dish-washing bay, and even a “drive--through” serving window! Though we mostly walk past the serving window. :) 

We feel very blessed to have this need met, all the glory goes to God who continually supplies all our needs.

We also feel very blessed to call the amazing kids (and adults) and the supporters of the Dream Team, our friends - all the way from U.S.A. to Uganda.

Thank You!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Helping the Homeless with the Warm Your Heart Project!

We've learned over the last 5 years that the best way to say: "THANK YOU," is to share the results!  Because of "Warm Your Heart"...

Our partnership with Mauloa has helped them to continue to offer food, clothing, fuel / bus passes, showers, resume assistance and internet time to homeless and disadvantaged community members seeking employment.  Since our fundraiser, we've gotten to know several of Mauloa's success stories.  It is amazing when you get to help someone turn their life around completely.

Our on-going plan to is to help Mauloa maintain a pantry of much needed food and supplies for their community of hungry and homeless families.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the "Warm Your Heart" events… our volunteers, sponsors and donors!

There are over 5,000 homeless in Hawaii alone.  You can help us feed, cloth and care for them.  In some cases, we can help them with jobs and homes.  A hand "up" that can completely turn their lives around!

Thank You, The Dream Team!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Hope Medical Clinic Completed!

The OOH Medical Clinic, named The Hope Clinic, has been completed and supplies are being purchased!

Because of the extra funds raised during the "Warm Your Heart Campaign" and the 2013 / 2014 "Matching Gift Campaign," we were able to help OOH complete and begin to supply The Hope Clinic!  For years, volunteer nurses have been operating out of one of the rooms in the dormitory.  This clinic will have examination rooms, an office and beds for the kids who need extra medical care.  It will also house the medical volunteer staff and maintain a pharmacy.

The construction cost were more than expected and other urgent needs had arisen to the top of everyone's priority list, so the construction came to a stand-still over a year ago.  But, thanks in part, to all of you, it is now meeting the needs of OOH kids, staff, volunteers and extended community.

Construction Stopped
Clinic In-progress

Dorm Room Clinic & Nurse!
New Arrival to OOH
By the time the children find there way to OOH, they are often very sick.   "Momma" Holly or "Daddy" William (Founders of OOH) will get a call from a local agency or hospital asking them to take "one more child," and OOH always does.

The children, when they arrive,  are all HIV+ or have active AIDS. All are malnourished and need immediate medical attention.  William say: "Usually, though not always, the children start to come back to health after about three months, and then we begin to see the joy and life come back by about six months."

Here is a collage of photos of just a few of the OOH kids that we took when we were last there.  We think this expresses what William is talking about when he talks about their joy and life!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

New Farm Land & School Plans!

Additional 4 Acres Purchased!
The NEW 4 acres of land adjacent to Our Own Home (OOH) orphanage has been acquired and clearing has begun!  That brings the total OOH Campus to 8 acres!

Back in 2010, we purchased the initial 4 acres that OOH is now farming and living on.  Over the years, we funded the dormitory and main house, part of the medical clinic and, "Warm Your Heart," kitchen which is under construction right now.
Jackson Button packing maize.
Dorm #1 & Medical Clinic
What started off as 4 acres of farmland has become 5 1/2 acres of farmland and 2 1/2 acres of a beautiful campus for 60 plus HIV+ orphans who are healthy, going to school and have big plans for their future!  They currently farm about 1/3 of their staple maize based food, called posho, certain vegetables and raise chickens, cows and pigs.
Hannah Button & OOH Kids

With this additional 4 acres of land, they will be able to expand their "farm to table" vegetable garden, grow nearly all of their maize requirement, add more potatoes and other daily staples.  This new land, in addition to the 1 1/2 acres currently being farmed, should provide the majority of the 50,000 plus meals served during the year!

Finally, a portion of this sustainable farm will eventually also become the campus for the Dream of a Better World Academy.  This will be a new neighborhood school with a student to teacher ratio down from approximately 150 kids per teacher to a manageable 30 kids per teacher and will be 100% funded by an existing child sponsorship programs… so, it's also sustainable with current funding!

What started off as just a DREAM is now giving these KIDS food, medicines, school, love… and, DREAMS of their own!  Thank YOU!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

BREAKING NEWS! A $20,000 Response!

One of the great ways that Dream of a Better World has communicated it's projects to potential donors is through proposals and letter writing.  This month, we received the most amazing response to Dream of a Better World's "Matching Gift Campaign Proposal" spearheaded by Dream Team Members Hannah and Jack.  The anonymous US based non-profit organization gave $20,000 to kickoff the "Dream of a Better World School" and "Sustainable Farmland" Project!  Wow!

Dorm & Unfinished Clinic (Behind)
Back in 2010, we purchased the land that Our Own Home (OOH) orphanage is now farming and living on.  Over the years, we funded the dormitory and main house, part of the medical clinic and, recently, the new kitchen being built right now.
2 1/2 Acres Cultivated
What started off as 4 acres of farmland has become 1 1/2 acres of farmland and 2 1/2 acres of a beautiful campus for 60 plus HIV+ orphans who are healthy, going to school and have big plans for their future!  They currently farm about 1/3 of their staple maize based food, called posho, certain vegetables and raise chickens, cows and pigs.

Vegetable Garden Smiles! 

With this generous $20,000 grant, they will be able to purchase an adjacent 4 acres of land that will expand their "farm to table" vegetable garden, grow maize, potatoes and other daily staples.  This land, once cultivated should provide the majority of the 50,000 plus meals served during the year!

Main House & Meeting Place

Harvesting Potatoes

When Moses found his way to OOH, he was HIV+, had tuberculous and was very sick.  Today is quite a different story… he gets love, medicine and HEALTY farm fresh food!
Hannah & Moses!

Monday, January 6, 2014

A BIG Heart Warming Success!

Let's hear it for the Dream Team members and supporters who care enough to DREAM of a BETTER WORLD here and also far away! 

Thank you to the volunteers… and supporters!  Thank you Chris & Kylie Wall of the Mauloa Foundation! THANK YOU Sistema U.S.A. for donating nearly 400 soup mugs!

 A special thank you to our California Dream Team Leader and event organizer Natalie Burrous, with help from Max, Karen & Paul.  They put on a terrific event and had a GREAT letter writing campaign!

Many, many of you dropped by our Warm Your Heart fundraisers in both Hawaii and California! Some of you dropped by our website and donated on-line!  Some of you dropped a gift in the mail!
Thank you Our Own Home for having some of the sweetest, most loving and grateful kids on earth, and for all you do to care and love on them.          
We set a goal to raise $8,000 and thanks to everyone… we raised $10,278!!  We promise that 100% of that money will go directly toward food and services for the homeless locally and for building a permanent kitchen for the orphans we know and love in Jinja, Uganda!

You are never too young or too old to make a difference!

Hawaii Dream Team Leaders,  Jack & Hannah Button.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Warm Your Hearts!

We're "Warming Hearts" from Hawaii to California to Africa!  Please join us in this wonderful and important project to raise money and awareness that will feed, care and support the homeless in local community… and, create a permanent place to cook for and feed needy orphans in Africa.  

Our new friends at Mauloa have served over 500 hot meals and hygiene / care packages to homeless camps on the North Shore of Oahu, just miles from our headquarters.  They also offer showers, mailing addresses, clothing, bus passes, and job assistant to those able to work.  They take the time to let the homeless know that someone cares enough to give them a help up!  And our job is to raise awareness, support and money that will warm the hearts of the givers and those in need.

Many of you have followed us over the last 5 years as we supported our dear friends at Our Own Home Orphanage in Uganda.  Their 62 kids at Our Own Home orphanage have no kitchen... well.. their kitchen is unfortunately outdoors with a falling down, leaky roof overhead!  It's a big challenge for them, especially in the winter.  Our goal is to build them a kitchen this Christmas! And, that means we need to act NOW!

So, this weekend, we have two separate fundraisers going on!  Thanks to Dream Team Members Natalie and Max Burrous, we have an event DECEMBER 14TH (11:30 - 2 PM)  in California at Doggie Styles in Mill Valley!   And, thanks to Our Hawaii Dream Team Members, Jack and Hannah Button, we will have our annual year end event at Dream of a Better World HQ in Hawaii from 4:30 PM to 6 PM!  So please join Natalie and Max in California or stop by Dream of a Better World and 'Warm Your Heart" by helping the homeless in our own community as well as the precious children of Our Own Home!

We've got lots of great deals on fun household items including sistema's revolutionary microwavable mugs.  The donation behind this soup mug will help warm hearts and fill these children’s lives with food and LOVE, in a very practical way!  

Please join us in one of these locations or donate online.  100% of all donations to "Warm Our Heart!" will go to building this kitchen at Our Own Home.  Thank you for your continued support!

The Dream Team Kids!

Friday, October 18, 2013



It’s the Christmas season,
And time to start spreading some holiday cheer
For our troops!


PLEASE join us in honoring our men and women in uniform this holiday season. Just like last year, we are collecting household supplies for Fisher House, a home in Hawaii for disabled, ill and wounded soldiers, veterans and their families. They are in need of supplies this holiday season AND we are also collecting funds to purchase gift cards and other needed items for all 19 families living in the home. Please help us spread aloha this season to those who have helped protect us and keep us safe!

If you would like to make a donation for Operation Holiday Heroes, please donate here online at Dream of a Better World, or send your tax-deductible donations to:

Dream of a Better World
P.O. Box 455
Haleiwa, HI 96712

Thank You!

Hannah and the kids
from Dream of a Better World

Supplies Needed:
Laundry Detergent                   Fabric Softener                        Bleach
Clorox Wipes                           Shampoo and Conditioner       Bath Soap
Hand Sanitizers                        Deodorant                                Body Wash

Cleaning Supplies:
Dish Soap                     Clorox Toilet Bowl Cleaner              Pledge           
Scrubbing Bubbles       Bathroom Cleaner                              Tilex 
Clorox Gel                   Lysol Disinfectant Spray                    409
Paper items:
Paper plates of all sizes, paper cups, paper towels, napkins, aluminum foil, Saran Wrap and ziplock bags of all sizes regular and freezer.

Replaceable everyday house items:
Dish towels and cloths, hand towels, bathroom rugs, glasses, bowls, spoons, forks and knives.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Most Amazing Orphanage in Uganda!

Volunteering at Our Own Home
There are a LOT of friends and donors out there who deserve a great BIG thank you from all of us at Dream of a Better World!  And, as my dad always says,  the best way to thank someone is to share the results!  So while my dad and I are still in Africa, I want you to share in the joy of seeing what can be done in only 3 1/2 years, with YOUR help... and a great partner like Our Own Home!
Me & Moses

It all started four years ago when Carly was volunteering in a baby orphanage in Uganda.  She noticed a small, somewhat sick looking boy named Moses that wasn't getting as much attention as the other kids because he was HIV+ and sick with tuberculosis.  Eventually he was taken in by an all HIV/AIDs orphanage called Our Own Home where he was held and loved, and got the proper medicine and care.  As we began to help out, we learned that Our Own Home needed just about everything!  That's where we ALL came in.

In 2010, cookies for sale.  Yummy!
We started raising money in 2010 with bake sales, garage sales, letter writing and going door to door.  We were struck by their desperate needs, but also by how well the kids there were doing.  Since then, we have raised money for a van to get them to school and to doctors visits, for 4 acres of land, for a dormitory and a new home where they can run and shout and play... and feel loved by God and by "Mommy Holly" and "Daddy William."  A lot of friends, classmates and neighbors have joined us, as well as some other businesses and non-profits!  There are many people to thank, people we have never met and don't really know.  But, we do know what kind of people you are... people who care and want to make the world a better place.

A favorite photo... pure fun with Gloria, Mullikidi & Micah
One of my mom's favorite sayings is that "we need to show up... and finish well."  I think that's what we are ALL doing together.  So, here are some more "results" photos that I hope will encourage you as our way of saying THANK YOU on behalf of all of Dream of a Better World!

4 Acres fertile land - Mar 2010

Immediately planted with potatoes & Maize

1st harvest as building starts!
Celebrating foundation with Jack & Dad

The first dormitory plus Holly & William's main house moved into in June 2012.  There are currently 62 in the dormitory (52 are sponsored) and Holly & William's house is also the guesthouse, volunteer housing and meeting place for nightly devotions.  The kids spend a lot of time in here playing and being a "family."
Dormitory finished June 2012
Main house & guest house finished

Laundry facilities... yep, very important!
Just one day's laundry!  

Housing left & med. wing right.
The medical clinic/volunteer housing is on hold at the moment, but will have a nurses office and pharmacy, housing for the nurse, housing for other volunteers, a kitchen and common area.  We have about $17,000 left on the building and $3,000 in needed supplies still to be funded.  It will be finished when the money is raised.

Some kids arrive VERY, VERY sick.

Nurse Lindsey in current makeshift clinic.
But, it doesn't take long for most kids to bounce back and become well.  Everyone who visits is amazed at how happy and healthy the kids are at Our Own Home.   And on a personal note, my family's lives have been changed forever by this place and by seeing how these kids are so happy and so grateful with so little.  Again, thank you so much!  - Hannah & all of Dream of a Better World.

Happy Baby Nicholas!

Here are some more "thank you" photos!

Gordon, getting better.

Me and the gang!

Jude, the best smile ever!

Lunch is beans & posho

Dad and his gang!
Ms Personality - Rachell

Fun with pipe cleaners!
Me taking Jackie to the clinic in town.

Amazing OOH Founders William & Holly with son, Israel.