Monday, August 25, 2014

OOH Newsletter Thanking Dream of a Better World!

To ALL of our Dream of a Better World supporters - Here is an excerpt from the founders of OOH orphanage that we know and love.  They are thanking ALL of you for your support!

Maize...maize...maize...our two gardens have yielded the largest crop of maize we have had this year! The kids have been busy harvesting, shucking and removing the kernels. They lay the kernels on the ground to dry out, and this will be ground into the maize-meal known as posho, the main staple food
in Uganda. Because posho and kidney beans mixed with veggies are the daily fare here, not only at OOH but in Uganda at large, this provides us with food by the work of our hands, and provides the children with valuable life lessons from the garden.
Since we are talking about food, we might as well talk about our new kitchen! We had been more and more aware of our need for a permanent kitchen and had been praying for  the funds needed – He always provides what we need, and this time, like a few times before, He called a group called Dream of a Better World to the challenge. 

This group of teens and their parents from Hawaii and California sold soup mugs in order to raise the funds – here's a group photo of our kids sending their thanks! The new kitchen is well equipped to cook for a multitude, with giant wood-burning stoves, a dish-washing bay, and even a “drive--through” serving window! Though we mostly walk past the serving window. :) 

We feel very blessed to have this need met, all the glory goes to God who continually supplies all our needs.

We also feel very blessed to call the amazing kids (and adults) and the supporters of the Dream Team, our friends - all the way from U.S.A. to Uganda.

Thank You!