Friday, November 28, 2014

Give a Gift that CHANGES LIVES!

Dream of a Better World invites you to make a difference on ALL seven continents this holiday season.  A gift that is more precious than diamonds and more meaningful than material possessions.  GIVE the gift of health, warmth, shelter, protection and perhaps even life itself.  GIVE the gift that helps kids and families rise from the depths of poverty and despair.  GIVE… give ANYTHING you can… and you will help change the world, literally.

This year, by CLICKING on the "WHOLE WORLD" button in the right side panel, we can split your donation and distribute it to a project on every continent.  Your gift will literally reach around the world to spread goodness and hope to those in need!  Or, you can donate to your favorite project or continent by simply clicking on their individual "DONATE" button.

Our projects range anywhere from buying shoes and socks for kids that can’t afford them so that they can go to school, to buying a chicken farm and milk cows to help make an
orphanage more self-sustaining and have more nutritious food.  Or, even to track whale sharks in the Galapagos and Antarctica to help protect them from poachers. We are super excited to earn every dollar that goes towards these great projects and to make a difference on EVERY continent, but we can’t do it without your help!

Thank you for your on-going support!

If you'd like to find out more about each project and all 7 continents, you can click on their "Dream of a Better World" links below:

NORTH AMERICA - Supporting our Troops and Feeding the Homeless!

SOUTH AMERICA - Supplying Bedding for Orphans in Bolivia!

AFRICA - Providing Farm Animals for Our Own Home Orphanage

ANTARCTICA - Help Stop Whale Shark Poaching!

EUROPE - Medical Supplies & Xmas Gifts for Great Ormond Hospital Kids!

ASIA - Medical Supplies for Maria's BIG House in China Orphanage

AUSTRALIA - Shoes & Socks so Kids Can Go to School!

Great Ormond St. Kids Hosp.
Bolivia NPH Orphanage
Supporting Our Troops
Australia Kids - Shoes & Socks
Africa - Orphanage Farming Project
Antarctica - Saving Whale Sharks