Monday, November 19, 2018


Calling ALL Dream of a Better World friends, team members and donors!  We have some urgent needs and projects to support CALIFORNIA WILDFIRE VICTIMS.  

For our friends from around the world who may not have heard the news, tens of thousands of Californians have tragically lost homes, pets, cars, belongings and, in some cases, loved ones!  There are so many IMMEDIATE NEEDS that we are collecting donations for just about everything you can imagine for putting their lives back together.  We primarily need monetary donations that we can use to help fill in the gap and get people back on their feet.

The most immediate needs:

1) TEMPORARY HOUSING for displaced families staying in shelters.  If you have a room, a house, or any location that will house people on a temporary basis, please contact us! Also, one of our friends, Tracy Ferm, is helping a sweet couple move into a refurbished plumbing store, but it needs furniture, household items and minor repairs to make it livable. Please help if you can!

2) BASIC NEEDS - We are collecting new and very gently used items to help meet basic household needs to sustain and begin to rebuild for families who lost everything.  Examples include:  furniture, tools, housewares, toiletries, blankets, canned food, sleeping bags, blow up beds, gift certificates for Walmart, Costco, Bed Bath & Beyond, VISA cards, etc.  These items will be transported up to Chico where most of these families are currently being housed.

Thank you all for sharing your stories with us. This will clearly be a marathon, so let’s start
right here! This is a photo of Teresa & Michael, a super sweet, lovely couple in their early sixties. Michael is the manager of a machine shop and Teresa has been a special needs teacher her entire career and
her school is now ashes. 

This is a photo of them escaping the fire. Their car is the one in the back.

Teresa and Michael lost EVERYTHING in the fire last week... their home, cars, cat and personal treasures. They also have 17 friends that have lost their homes. PLEASE help us reach out to as many as possible.

You can make a NON-PROFIT DONATION through this Blog site.

CLICK HERE or on the DONATE BUTTON labelled "California Wildfire Victims." 

We PROMISE that 100% of your DONATION, less PayPal fees, will make it's way into the hands of needy kids & families.

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