Monday, December 21, 2020

Giving Care and Support in Novato

One More Sweet Family…very close to home… let’s make their Christmas special!

Hi Everyone,

Thank you ALL for your financial contributions and all the gifts you have donated to help us provide food, clothing and warmth for those who are struggling in Northern California. This year, every time we felt like we were done with a project, we heard of another family in need, another hungry child, another family about to be evicted. Thanks to everyone’s contributions, we were able to provide holiday relief for dozens of families this year. We will be sending pictures and telling stories soon!

BUT TODAY…we have one more family who are really having a hard time. We are asking if you could pitch in anything, even a very small amount or a gift for the family, it would make a huge difference.


Their names are Betty and Elder. They have 5 kids, ages 4, 10, 12, 14, and 16, all boys. They both worked full time before Covid-19 and have always been able to provide for the family, but now they have been let go from their primary jobs and are struggling to make ends meet. They have no money to pay the rent in January, worry about eviction and their future, and they have very little food left. They are cold at night. Their kids need shoes and a warm winter coat. They are scared.


These are our goals to help them get through January and maybe even February:

Buy a warm winter coat for each of their children and maybe the parents, too.


 2 adult Large, 

 1 adult small, 

 1 Youth XL, and a 

 1 child’s size 5.


Get each family member a new pair of shoes.

mom size 8, 

dad size 9, and the 

kids are size 

6, 7, 10 and 11, and 

4 year-old kid size 12


Give the family a Safeway Gift Card for buying much needed groceries.


Raise the money to pay some or all of their rent for January.


We also hope to bring them dinner on Christmas Eve.


And maybe some warm socks and pajamas, too!


Thank you all again! If you have anything left to give, we promise that every single cent we raise will go this family. You are making a difference and we appreciate all of you!




May we all find peace and love in the chaos of 2020 and step into 2021 with hope for whatever awaits us there…