Monday, October 5, 2020

Helping Refugees During COVID Times

COVID-19 has certainly created many new and unexpected problems for our under-served communities and families.  Through our partners at Legacy Mission Village (LMV), we began focusing on addressing the food insecurity and financial insecurity that LMV's families were facing.  They are a Tennessee based non-profit that is focused on helping refugee families who have been relocated to Tennessee due to famine, genocide, war and poverty, in primarily African countries.  We have been working with them for over 15 years, even before founding Dream of a Better World.  Our recent partnership has translated into providing food, medical aid and even funeral funds for refugee families affected by COVID.  As another example of LMV's community impact, they normally delivers 20,000 free diapers a month through their no contact drive-thru diaper days. They are an AMAZING group!

Recently, Dream of a Better World received notice of an new, unique additional challenge that LMV refugee families are facing.  Most of their clients are still learning English, and are now struggling with the online learning process for their children who are now at home.  Not only do they need online equipment and access, but they need volunteers to help navigate the virtual schooling system.  

We are very thankful for all of the efforts of LMV and our partnership with them.  Thanks to ALL OF YOU, we will continue to support them through this challenging time! 

If any of you are interested in donating specifically to LMV, please CLICK the GIVE button here or the one designated on the sidebar above. As always, 100% of your donation will flow straight through to them and their needs.


With much LOVE,  

Dream of a Better World


Sunday, September 13, 2020

Difficult Times – They Keep Coming!

Hi Friends and Family!


We hope that this message finds you all safe and well. We can hardly stop to catch our breath these days, with this year packing on one disaster after another. It lifts our hearts and spirits that you all continue to reach out to us! Thank you all for your continued support… our struggling towns and hurting, hungry people need it now more than ever! We are currently fundraising for a few families and for 3 groups of Dream of a Better World friends who are feeding people around the country.

In Hawaii, the Sunset Beach Mualoa Food Pantry buys food at cents on the dollar from distribution centers and helps feed the North Shore’s homeless and hungry; their need has been rising due to unemployment from Covid-19. A majority of Hawaii residents earn their living through the tourism industry, which is completely shut down.


In California, we are supporting California Homemaker’s Association, a small but mighty non-profit that provides food, clothing, medical and legal aid and more to people in Santa Rosa and the surrounding area. They are a membership group of volunteers working together to offer a variety of services to those in need. Their population is mostly hungry children and families and those who are undocumented, homeless, compromised, unemployed, and have no access to food and basic everyday needs. Now, many more are being impacted by the disastrous wildfires.


In Tennessee, our sweet friends William and Ebralie

Mzweira are making a difference in a big way. They personally fled the genocide in Rwanda, where William lost 76 family members in the 100-day massacre. You can read more about their story in our July blog below. William and Ebralie are people who “pay it forward” every single day. William supported the "Lost Boys" of Sudan when they arrived in Nashville from Africa, and now those same refugees are fundraising to feed other refugees from around the world.


In addition, we are supporting small community “closet” pantries that are popping up on street corners and being managed by local people in towns that have been hit hard by Covid-19. If you have a local community pantry that you want to tell us about, please let us know. 


And now, our friends in Oregon are losing homes and have evacuated. We will be reaching out to them today. 


From Covid-19, the deaths of Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, and many more at the hands of police brutality, to the ravaging fires down the west coast, it seems like this year just won’t stop. It just feels relentless; we are collectively holding our breath, waiting for the light at the end of the tunnel to appear to tell us that everything will be okay and there is a chance we can go back to normal. We are angry, sad, and tired of it. Let’s all work together to help those that are struggling in this new reality. Lets be sure that people have enough to eat during these challenging times! 


If you can share a meal or two with these people across our land, please DONATE! Thank you so much!


We appreciate you!


Carly, Jack and Hannah Button

And everyone at Dream of a Better World




Tuesday, August 4, 2020

With Love...

We’ve been hearing so many stories of loss, grief, hopelessness, sickness and just an overall feeling of despair. We have grown to become such a close group of supporting, generous, loving people scattered all over the world, and this is the first time that it feels like every, single person we know and love is going through something at the same time. Just know that we love you, we are thinking about you, and we would love to hear from you! And if you know someone who is hungry, please let us know. We can include them in our fundraising efforts.


With love, hope and appreciation,

Carly, Jack and Hannah Button


Wednesday, July 1, 2020

The Story Behind Our Friends - Activists - Community Heroes!

Many years ago, these two amazing friends went into hiding with their five children, barely escaping a genocide where nearly 1,000,000 of their countrymen were murdered in 100 days.  Because both William and Ebralie were of mixed race (Hutu and Tutzi tribes), they experienced extreme discrimination, hatred and cruelty from people of both tribes.  All of William's relatives on his mother's side, 76 in total, were killed. His brother, sister-in-law and their two children, along with his sister and her four children, were all killed on the same day.  Their family went into hiding and eventually made it out of Rwanda.  

In 1999, after a long bureaucratic process, the Mwizerwa's were granted political asylum in the United States.  William is fluent in five languages, majored in Christian Communications, has a degree in Elementary Education and a degree in Conflict Resolution.  They have led numerous workshops on Peace Building and Reconciliation, even under the threat of personal injury and death threats.  Coming to the United States was an answer to prayer for the Mwizerwas, but leaving all their possessions behind, being unemployed, black immigrants with five young children did not make life easy for them.

We met William and Ebralie in 2003 and joined forces with them in a ministry that focused on helping other refugees.  At that time, we were helping William in his efforts to support and relocate the "Lost Boys" of Sudan in middle Tennessee.  Over the years, we have continued to follow them, and at times support their ongoing work with refugees in the United States.  Their organization is "Legacy Mission Villiage" (LMV), which is also a 501(c)3 non-profit.  Right now, their needs are even greater as a result of COVID-19.  They are asking for financial support for basic items such as food, clothing, diapers and everyday needs.
Please join us in this INCREDIBLE effort to support William and Ebralie's mission to help other refugees and some of the poorest of the poor in the United States.

As always, 100% of your donation received by Dream of a Better World will go directly to this project... and, in this case, LMV's mission in support of their COVID-19 response.

THANK YOU AGAIN!  Carly, Jack, Hannah and Everyone at Dream of a Better World!


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Monday, May 18, 2020


Ben & Erica - Amazing Volunteer Leaders at CHA
Here's a quick update for everyone supporting our COVID-19 food distribution efforts!  As most of you know, we ALWAYS use 100% of your donation to meet the needs of those we are tying to help!  We also search out local partners on the front lines who are doing the same.  In this case... meet Ben and Erica, volunteer leaders at California Homemakers Association (CHA).

Social Distance Meetings CHA & DBA
CHA is a 100% volunteer organization doing amazing things to help our communities in need.  Because of COVID-19, their emergency food deliveries have tripled!  Many of their members are now unable to pick up food, afford gas for their cars, are quarantined or suffering with COVID-19.  Our partnership with CHA is a direct way for Dream of a Better World to help provide food and get that food where it is needed most!

To date, we have raised $8,000 in cash and needed items!   We are SO PROUD of our donors and the on-going support they give to people in need.  We are also very, very thankful for Ben & Erica and ALL of the amazing volunteers at CHA!

Thank you all!

PLEASE keep donating when you can.   We promise your donation will make a BIG difference in the lives of the people we are helping!

We have also posted a thank you letter with photos from CHA of some of the great work they are doing to help people in our communities.  CLICK HERE for the FULL UPDATE.

(Please note that the photos below were taken recently, but prior to the COVID-19 outbreak and that EVERY precaution is now being taken to keep volunteers and program members safe!)

Organizing Food Distributions.
Volunteers Packing Food
Families Delivering Food

Wednesday, April 22, 2020


$5,000.00 matching campaign! Let's provide food for people who need it the most!

Join us in meeting the needs of others during this challenging time. A very generous Dream of a Better World donor will match your GIFT up to a total of $5,000! 

Hi Everyone,

We are thinking of you all and hope you and your loved ones are safe and healthy. These are clearly new and different times, and all of us at Dream of a Better World are doing what we can to help others while following all of our current rules and restrictions.

Thank you everyone who has reached out and supported our efforts through this past month! We have been able to feed many families and purchase diapers, toilet paper and other needs because of your generosity.

This next month we will be partnering with a group that we know is making a huge difference to people struggling through this pandemic. It’s called California Homemakers Association and they are based out of Santa Rosa. They are a grassroots, voluntary membership organization created to meet people’s basic needs including food, dental and medical, as well as legal expenses. 

We chose them because, like us, their donations go directly to feeding people who are not getting paid and are struggling to purchase food right now. One other cool thing is that they collect excess food from Whole Foods, Andy’s, Oliver’s and other local grocery stores, as well as the Goodwill, every single Friday! And they still cannot keep up with the demand. People are hungry. Families are hungry. Kids are hungry!

CMA provides support for our valuable and necessary, but “unrecognized” workers who include day laborers, temporary and seasonal workers, in-home health care providers, independent contractors, farmers, and domestic workers. They are working hard during these challenging times to help the community get its basic needs for food and safety met. They are currently delivering food to hundreds of people each week and the demand keeps growing every day!

Every dollar you donate will be matched up to a total of $5,000.00. 

Thank you so much!