Tuesday, August 17, 2021

SUPPORT for those who SERVE our Community

Hi All,


While we are hoping the pandemic is slowing down and all of us are beginning to re-adjust and head back out into the world, there are still many people in our community who are struggling to make ends meet. Some are hungry, without shelter, in need of medical and dental care or in need of legal advice or other services to support them in getting back on their feet.


About CHA

CALIFORNIA HOMEMAKERS ASSOCIATION (CHA) is a grassroots organizing drive committed to ending the poverty conditions facing our membership of domestic workers, in-home care workers, low-income elderly, blind and disabled recipients of in-home care and other low-paid service, temporary, or seasonal workers in Sonoma County.

CHA members joined together in 2000 with concerned residents, students, professionals, clergy and local businesses to create a free and voluntary, unincorporated private membership association, best suited to achieve a permanent solution to the problems of poverty experienced by these workers.

To lessen the burden of day-to-day survival that has traditionally kept low-income workers from organizing to change the policies and practices at the root of their poverty, CHA members established a free-of-charge, 11-Point Benefit Program that includes emergency food, clothing, non-emergency dental care, preventive medical care, legal advice, information and referral assistance, a monthly membership newspaper and more. The Association is 100% volunteer run; it accepts no government funding or any other money with strings attached – rather it exists through the dedication and generosity of its members as well as those allies in the community who have joined our cause. CHA serves no other aim or aspiration outside its stated goal. 

Our Fundraising Plan

The amazing team at California Homemaker’s Association in Santa Rosa, CA has been tirelessly working to build a better life for all. Due to some supportive donors, they have recently been able to move into a new and permanent location, a house in a business district of converted homes. This will enable them to  provide even more services, but they need to furnish the home to get going.


If you feel inspired to support their needs, you can either make a tax deductible donation in any amount HERE or use this CHA's Amazon Wish List LINK to purchase an item for CHA from their Needs List.

Thank you so much for always showing up 

and making a difference!

Be well everyone,

From all of us at Dream of a Better World