Monday, November 1, 2021

Thanksgiving Food Needed for Homestyle Dinners

Hi Everyone!

It’s that time of year!! We are so grateful to be experiencing less coronavirus and more freedom here in the Bay Area these days, but there are still many families who are struggling with illness, evictions, homelessness, and struggling to make ends meet. Let’s lighten their burden just a little so, like the rest of us, they can celebrate Thanksgiving with a hearty meal, enjoy their family, and feel the gratitude that accompanies this holiday!


This year, we have committed to purchase the main course, and hopefully some side dishes, for 100 family dinners, which will be delivered to families for their Thanksgiving dinner. If you would like to make a donation towards the 100 turkeys and hams, or any other food items we can purchase, please make a donation below.

Holiday boxes from last year…they need food, funds, and volunteers! Please contact CHA at 707-591-9573 if you would like to help!



Every donation makes a difference, no matter how large or small. As usual, we promise 100% of your donation will be used for the needs of others. Thank you for your continued support and for your giant hearts.


Wishing you all a peaceful and joyful Thanksgiving!


In Gratitude,


Carly, Jack, Hannah, Max and Kate

and all of us at Dream of a Better World