Saturday, November 6, 2021

Got Some Extra Winter Coats?

Hi everyone,

This year we’re happy to be lending a hand to the Ritter Center’s annual winter coat drive, and we would love to have your help! Ritter Center is a special organization that is dedicated to providing inclusive and accessible support to individuals and families who are low-income or homeless. They provide those in need with medical care, food, and other basic needs, as well as other important services such as behavioral health counseling, substance use treatment, and more. They are the type of organization that loves to go above and beyond to help the people that walk through their door, and that’s something we always love to support! If you would like to support them, too, and you’ve got a few spare coats that you and your family don’t use anymore, then call or text me at 615-293-2009 so that I can pick them up before the drive ends on November 10th!

Thank you so much!