Monday, September 11, 2017

School Started Today! And... Your DONATIONS Helped Make it Happen!


As of today, we have have sent over $15,000 to our contacts in Katy, Texas to help Sheridan Elementary teachers, students and their families get back to school, get back on their feet and for everyday necessities (like FOOD)!   

The stories of "need" have been heartbreaking, and they keep coming in.  There are still many, many people who need our help... and some families are without food.  Our contacts there have been doing an amazing job, identifying the most needy, finding the items most needed and delivering them.

Jose's Family before Hurricane Harvey
What we are realizing is that so many people have lost EVERYTHING, and just replacing their immediate needs will drain all of their savings.  Also, most are not covered by insurance for a natural disaster and they are left with bills, no housing, and no way to get to work.  It's absolutely CRAZY!  Even teachers, some who are single parents, are in that position and feeling HOPELESS. 

Quick Story:  Of a family YOU are helping... Jose's apartment was completely flooded and they left with nothing except a backpack with important documents. Hilda, the daughter, had started school in another district for 4 days before the floods came. Both parents worked hard to provide the child with her uniforms for school as well as school supplies, which she no longer has. This family does not have the money to purchase (again) the basic school needs for their child. Sheridan Elementary has provided her with a backpack, school supplies, and a toy, but this family needs everything... especially food.

What's left of Jose's Family's Belongings
As of today, we have sent out over $15,000 to help give TEACHERS and needy FAMILIES a sense HOPE.  The funds are providing food, uniforms, basic clothing, school supplies and personal items for getting students and some very needy families back to school and, hopefully, back on their feet.  We have also helped teachers, whose cars were totaled and not covered by either insurance or FEMA, helped teachers with new furniture items, gas cards and other basic needs.  In short, thanks to YOUR DONATIONS, we have been able to help to GIVE them HOPE and to get them BACK TO SCHOOL!

Where they are still living.
This coming week, we will continue with more of the
same... identifying the best way to help the neediest teachers and families.  It is becoming clear to everyone that FEMA financial assistance won't kick in (in time) to meet these basic needs.  And, it is definitely NOT getting them back to school, or meeting their every day expenses to do so... like childcare, cars, gas, furniture, clothing and FOOD... REAL LIFE, EVERY DAY MUST HAVES!

Thank you for your continued support!  It is REALLY WORKING!  


PLEASE FORWARD.... If ANYONE is interested, we STILL have teachers and families who REALLY NEED OUR HELP! 



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