Thursday, November 11, 2010

MOSES led us to them...


When I first met Moses, he was in a different orphanage.  It was a nice orphanage by Africa standards, but he was very sick and no one would hold him.  He wasn't diagnosed HIV positive, but everyone knew.  He was all alone in the world... no mommy or daddy... no grandma or grandpa or brother or sister... alone... ALL alone.

The caretakers bathed and fed him, but no one LOVED Moses until a year later when he was sent to Africa Our Own Home.  Here's an excerpt and a video from when I first met Moses back in September, 2009.

"September, 2009 - These kids really need to be held and loved... and many are very sick. Moses is very sick and I'm worried about him.

Some are HIV positive and some have tuberculosis. Some of these kids were dropped off at the orphanage and others were just found in a pile of trash. It's so sad sometimes."

We kept track of Moses through a friend and when he found his way to Our Own Home, he was truly one of the lucky few to find a home where he received all of the care he needed and more LOVE than he had ever dreamed of.  So now, we are helping Moses and "Mommy Holly" and "Daddy William" and 48 of his "brothers" and "sisters" who NOW know what it's like to feel REAL love!

Thank you Mommy Holly and everyone that is helping to make the world a better place.

Our BIG dream is to raise enough money for you to buy that 4 acres of land you found.  Our BIGGER dream is to help raise the money to build you a home for ALL of your kids... and a medical clinic... and a school... EVERYTHING!

God BLESS Mommy Holly and William and everyone willing to HELP!  Check out our  Double MATCHING GIFT page...

- Carly