Sunday, November 7, 2010

One Person at a Time

One Person at a Time.

Have you ever had an obstacle to overcome? I’m sure you have. Most people do in their life and if you haven’t, I’m sure you will. Most of the time when something doesn’t exactly go the way you planned, you just have to do you best to overcome whatever obstacle you encounter.  We had to overcome cancer in my family, but we got lots of help from friends and doctors.  It was scary and hard, but we got help from so many people.

In Africa, they have many different problems.  In America, when we’re thirsty, we just take a cup and fill it up from the sink or at the refrigerator.  When we’re sick, we go to the doctors or the emergency room and get what we need.   If we have trouble in school, most of us go to our parents for help.  But a lot of kids, especially in poor parts of Africa, don’t get to go to school and many of them have lost their parents from sickness.  They didn’t get to go to the doctor or the emergency room.  Simple things like clean water might be miles away.

Sometimes I wonder why I grew up in America, in a great family with a great house when other kids grow up in poverty, some with awful sicknesses like HIV and tuberculosis and AIDS.  Why do some parents and some kids die of disease, while my mom survived cancer?  Is there an answer to this? Well, partly there is.  I was born into a world of access… access to school, clean water, plenty of food and medicine and great parents.  We have access to almost anything. 
I  think the answer to the poor both here and around the world is people like you and I.  You and I may not be able to help everybody, but we can make the biggest difference to someone.  And, if everyone supported one person in need, then maybe we could help everyone… one person at a time.
Right now we're helping to buy land and a new home for HIV/AIDS orphans in Uganda.  They are no different than we are except they have some serious obstacles to overcome.  Last year we raised money for a van to get them to school and to see the doctor.  I think we can build them a new home too.  Here's a picture of the van and the kids.  The little boy in the front with the red shirt is Moses and we sponsor him too.  Won't you help us?
- Jack