Thursday, November 25, 2010

Giving Thanks on Thanksgiving Day!

On Thanksgiving day, we are about to head off to grandma's house and a giant feast!  But, we are also thinking about the many other things we are very thankful for.  We have so very much.  Most of all, we are thankful for our family and to be able to share what we have with other people who need help.  Today, our blog is not about thanksgiving for what we have, but for what other people are doing to help... and for the children of Our Own Home.  Here is one of their stories:

ANGELINA’S STORY… At the age of six, Angelina weighed only 16 pounds!

BEFORE - All Alone at age 6
Angelina had not known a feast in her entire six years.  She lived in a crude hut put together with sticks and mud, barely keeping a breeze out, let alone the heavy African rains.  She laid on a dirt floor, starving and sick.  Her mother fed her locally brewed beer in order to keep her in a drunken stupor, so no one would hear her cry.  The shame of having a child with AIDS overpowered even the sympathy or compassion that a mother might have afforded her starving child.  So Angelina lived, hidden in a corner, without love and without hope.
NOW - living at Our Own Home
Some dear missionary friends Some dear missionary friends discovered Angelina while working in her village.  At the age of six, Angelina weighed only 16 pounds!  She was unable to even sit up on her own.   They promptly gave her the medical care and food she so desperately needed, and arranged for her to live at Our Own Home.   A month later, she weighed 22 pounds and had a roaring appetite!  The weight she has gained shows in her rounding cheeks and belly.  She now sits up on her own, colors and plays with the other children… and, as you can see, offers BIG SMILES!

We are thankful for Our Own Home and for everyone willing to help!

Please check our our Double Matching Gift program by clicking on the Double Matching Gift tab!  All donations go to help the children of Our Own Home!